WILDCAT  SaxyScarfStrap2.0    

Designer Ergonomic Custom Pro Saxophone Neck Strap


The WILDCAT SaxyScarfStrap2.0  is the premiere most comfortable custom saxophone neck strap designed to complement the outstanding selection of saxophones on the market today.   The ergonomic neck cushion has half-inch thick padding for comforting neck support.  The wide stance of the neck cushion supports the neck from the hairline to the shoulders, which aides in distributing the sax weight to the shoulders and back muscles.  Simply tie the scarf, in a square knot, to the desired length one time, no need to worry about slippage and re-adjusting when you put it on or take it off.  The thin flat hinged metal hook is available in 5 colors listed below.  







Click on the picture below to see a review of the WildCat SaxyScarfStrap neckstrap on www.bestsaxophonewebsiteever.com

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WildCat SaxyScarfStrap:

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